Quercus oblongifolia

Common Name: Mexican Blue Oak
Oˊodham Name: [unknown]
Group: Shrubs, Trees - Chaparral, Madrean Woodland (lower)

Quercus oblongifolia is a large, evergreen shrub or small tree growing in the Chaparral and lower reaches of the Madrean Woodland. Leaves are medium green to bluish green, oblong, glossy above, glabrous on both sides, with a few teeth around the margin. The species is characterized by its gnarled trunk and branches. It grows between 4000 and 5500 feet. Please note that oaks commonly hybridize and this can make it difficult to classify them.

Quercus oblongifolia

Kingdom Plantae - Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
Subclass Hamamelididae
Order Fagales
Family Fagaceae - Beech family
Genus Quercus L. - oak
Species Quercus oblongifolia Torr. - Mexican blue oak
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