Hyptis emoryi

Common Name: Desert Lavender
Oˊodham Name: Wiopal  Audio
Group: Shrubs - Desert

Hyptis emoryi is a shrub containing a dozen or so tall stems having a small number of tiny twigs, all covered by short hairs which gives the plant a gray appearance. During Springtime and the Monsoon, the plant has triangular gray leaves that are hairy. In Springtime, the plants bear many small purple flowers that smell like Lavender. It grows in, or adjacent to sandy washes at 2500 to 4000 ft elevation.

entire plant
leaves with fine hairs

Kingdom Plantae - Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
Subclass Asteridae
Order Lamiales
Family Lamiaceae - Mint family
Genus Hyptis Jacq. - bushmint
Species Hyptis emoryi Torr. - desert lavender
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