Evolvulus arizonicus

Common Name: Dwarf Wild Morning Glory
Oˊodham Name: [unknown]
Group: Forbs - Desert

Evolvulus arizonicus is a sprawling forb having inconspicuous stems and small, linear leaves that can be easily missed when not in flower. It grows on sandy and rocky flats between about 2000 and 4000 feet elevation.

Evolvulus arizonicus
Evolvulus arizonicus leaves
Evolvulus arizonicus flower

Kingdom Plantae - Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta - Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta - Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons
Subclass Asteridae
Order Solanales
Family Convolvulaceae - Morning-glory family
Genus Evolvulus L. - dwarf morning-glory
Species Evolvulus arizonicus A. Gray - wild dwarf morning-glory
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